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IDA’s Additional Financing (RAP2AF)

This provides an additional financing to the Republic of Yemen for the Second Rural Access Project (RAP2). The additional financing (RAP2AF) will be an International Development Association (IDA) grant.

It will finance the costs associated with scaled-up activities to enhance the impact and effectiveness of the project, which aims at reducing isolation of poor rural people by giving them better access to markets and services.

It will mainly result in more people benefiting from reliable year-round access to governorate centers by widening the initial population target from 250,000 to 450,000 people.” The RAP2AF will help reduce transport cost and time by upgrading rural roads, strengthening road management, and enhancing road maintenance.

Major activities would include the upgrading of about 175 km of intermediary rural roads, institutional support and capacity building, and the maintenance of about 365 km of roads under contracts with private contractors. There is parallel financing from other external donors to this project.