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RAP Phase II

After the success of the Rural Access Program Phase I, the Second Rural Access Program”s specific development objective is to reduce isolation of the rural population with high incidence of poverty, and, it is expected that by the end of the project, some 250,000 people located in district centers, and within 2.5 km

of the project roads in rural areas, currently with no reliable access to Governorate centers, will be provided with such access.

Through its components, the project will: upgrade some 200 km of intermediate rural roads, and some 75 km of village access roads; provide institutional support and capacity building to strengthen, at the central and local levels, the institutional and technical capability for rural road planning, engineering, environmental and social analysis, management and implementation; and, support the maintenance of roads under a performance-based management, contracts for roads maintenance, as well as support to the Road Maintenance Fund.